Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Christine and I got back from Seoul and Shanghai this past weekend. It was funny but I couldn't access my blog from Shanghai during my week there. I remember that the government does block Blogger and other blogging platforms once in a while. Anyway, now I can blog a bit about my time overseas.

I met with some friends, family, and some others for the first time, such as Chang Kim and Chester Roh. They are the co-CEOs of TNC, Korea's leading blogging company. It was interesting listening to their stories, how they met, and starting to work together. Good people leading a great company. Chang was nice enough to post about our meeting at his Web 2.0 Asia blog here.

I met with a couple companies I'm considering advisory positions for, but I just need more time to research and think about my long-term interest in them.

Visiting Shanghai was great. You feel the energy of that city. People are excited about building their businesses and creating change in all aspects of life. I visited a commercial real estate development site, a wireless company, met with my friend who heads an online gaming company, met my former colleague at iRG Limited and some acquaintances at Nokia and Disney. Definitely will plan on visiting in the near future again.

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