Wednesday, October 10, 2007


"China Takes Aim at U.S. on Quality Control
Amid Criticism Over Recalls, Beijing Points to Defects In Exports From America"

Reminds me of my parents' experience with South Korean custom officials years ago. They owned a coffee chain and imported various goods from the U.S. and Europe. From their experience, they saw how at times it was an issue of pride that led these officials to block certain items from being imported into South Korean. The U.S. standards were higher and better documented on most goods, but they would still block some items for no apparent reason. It seems China is doing the same on a larger scale.

"Google's Orkut: A World of Ambition
Seizing on Orkut's momentum in Asia and Latin America, Google moves to revamp its social networking site and take aim at Facebook and MySpace"

"When Google acquisitions go wrong: the disappointing story of Urchin"

"As Tech Heats Up, Sages Dust Off Bubble Indicators
Goofy-Names Index Rises, Perks Gauge Glows Red; A 5th-Grader as Founder"

"The Mixologist
Richard Rosenblatt, who sold MySpace to Rupert, is a mogul on the make. He's raised $320 million to build Demand Media into the next Web conglomerate."

"Gadgets of the future gather in Japan" CNET articles

"South Korea soaps winning global audiences, rival Latin America"

"Candidates stumble over campaign don'ts"

"The Founders Intended A Christian, Not Secular, Society"

"The Past, Present, and Future of Neoconservatism"

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