Thursday, October 25, 2007


"China accused of rerouting search traffic to Baidu"

Interesting but not surprising.

"Perspective: Facebook Is Now 5th Most Valuable U.S. Internet Company"

"Facebook Reality Check: It's not worth $100B, and it won't crush MySpace or Google (but it does rock)"

"Memo to Mark: BoomTown Is Baaaack and We’re Still Dubious!"

"When seed funding is better than Series A"
Good op-ed by Carl Showalter. I guess my profile fits into Steve Kane's comment (commenter #2) below. I've been part of two startups where I've had no salary for a year or more. Difference in these two was that one co-founder suffered with me and one didn't.

"Web 2.0: Cisco’s Dan Scheinman Unveils EOS, Entertainment Operating System"

"Web 2.0 Summit 2007: The San Francisco conference, now in its fourth year, is the place to find out what's on the cutting edge for Web applications."
CNET has a good series of articles covering Web 2.0.

"Web 2.0 Summit: What's new with Web apps"

"Pinkberry's: Just A Fad Or Next Hot IPO?"
Wonder if it will be Maveron's investment in Pinkberry or Microsoft's investment in Facebook that will go bust... I'll bet on Pinkberry.

"Maveron backs frozen yogurt maker Pinkberry"

"Generating ideas for energy's future: Start-ups, utilities and government agencies are all in the hunt for energy tech with an edge. A California conference brings all the players together."

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