Monday, December 18, 2006

Real Life Survivor Contests

So a few weeks ago my friend says to me, "You should try out for Survivor." I gave him a crazed look because obviously he hasn't seen me with my shirt off for a while nor in any athletic contest.

Most the guys on Survivor are ripped and lean. Take a look at Yul. The closest thing to "ripped" I have are "ripples" on my belly, and the only physical contest I'll win is a "who can float the longest" due all the fat cells I accumulated over the years.

I can't stop at just poking at myself, so here are the "real life" Survivor contests I would love to see since I've experienced most of these first or second-hand through my friends:

- Contest to walk backwards in the ocean as quickly as possible while catching at least 5 fish. This stems from my friend who back-peddled like a dolphin from supposedly a very big fish in the ocean (and left his wife to fight the possibly dangerous fish by herself). He says it was a shark but I heard it was a clown fish or a similar species :)

- Wave-runner rodeo. Two people on a wave-runner as one holds on the back of the other. Very fun to watch as the driver tries to throw the other off. Make it in shark-infested water and the excitement level goes up dramatically.

- Gluttony contest Survivor-style. I would love to see people try to eat as much as possible within a certain amount of time, but you also have to catch or find the food. My friend Joong, who I posted about often, would be incredible to watch. Those chickens on Survivor would not last long. Even if they filled the island with chickens I would give them about a week to live since I know he easily put down 150 chicken wings in one sitting.

Anyway, Joong would also be great because of his ethnic background. He's Korean and would find many of the foods to be edible where others would not. Silkworms? He probably ate it out of the can as a kid in Seoul. Seaweed? Grab it, dry it, and eat it by the bushel. Sea Cucumbers? Slimy and yummy.

I'll have to write more later. Gotta get back to work :)

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