Sunday, June 29, 2003

Big Guys... Eating Stories III

Taken and edited from an email from one of my good friends and close friend of Joe and Joong:

"I remember one warm & muggy night back in Chicago when I was roaming the streets of the vicious north side with my good friend Joong... when Joong said, "I'M HUNGRY". Now people, there are very few things that strike fear in my heart (i.e. KKK rally, extreme heights, great white sharks, a stampede of buffalos). But when Joong says he's hungry, take cover. I literally trembled. From there he proceeded to go on a flurry of inhalation that still astounds me. First, we stopped at Arby's where Joong quickly downed 5 out of 5 roast beef sandwiches and a large order of curly fries. Then, we stopped at Taco Bell where Joong gulped down 2 burrito supremes, 4 hard tacos, and a nachos bellgrande. I think he might have even had a bag of cinnamon twists. I know. It's amazing isn't it? I mean only a Silverback Gorilla could eat that much right?

Well Joong ain't no ordinary Silverback, cause he wasn't done. From Taco Hell, we drove north to our compadre Jimmy's house (Lake Forest). There, Jimmy's mom proceeded to feed us duk-mandoo gook. I guess she aportioned the servings according to our size, because Joong's bowl was seriously the size of a toilet bowl. He ate every last drop. He likes to say that he was trying to be polite, but we all know that JoongBae eats what he wants to eat. At the end of it all, he wasn't even phased. I'm pretty sure he could've eaten Wisconsin that night if he wanted to. Let me recap. In the span of approximately 1 hour, Joong ate 5 roast beef sandwiches, a large order of curly fries, 2 burrito supremes, 4 hard tacos, nachos bell grande, and a giant (and I mean giant) bowl of duk-mandoo gook.

I kid you not. The legend is real. All that you have heard is true. Don't doubt anything anyone ever tells you. Because our dear friend can truly eat."

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