Sunday, December 17, 2006

Congratulations to Yul Kwon! "Survivor: Cook Islands" Winner

Tonight I went to a Survivor Finale Party for Yul Kwon. The gathering was at Kingfish Restaurant in San Mateo and it was a larger than normal crowd for these viewing parties. Probably because it was the last show and CBS sent a camera crew to tape the reaction of Yul's friends.

Christine and I watched Survivor for the first time and enjoyed it. We didn't have any benchmarks from prior seasons but from what we heard and read, it seems this year's contest was one of the best. The show had good drama, action and suspense to keep us interested, especially Christine since she suffers from ADD :) It was also nice to see a good friend of some of our friends win it.

Christine heard about Yul while she was at graduate school at Yale and one of her friends had a crush on him. Yul was at the law school there at the same time. Then later my close friend, Kevin, told me about Yul since he clerked with him in New Haven. Over a year ago, he told me that Yul was moving back to the Bay Area and that we should meet up, but I think Christine and I were too occupied with our wedding to follow up. We finally met Yul when our friends, Mike and Clara, were hosting one of Yul's viewing parties. Very glad that a good person won it this year. Congratulations, Yul!

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