Monday, February 13, 2006


Ashish, co-founder of Tekriti Software and the person who heads our development team for GoingOn Networks, posted yesterday his initial thoughts on building our platform and his excitement, which is cool. He plans to reveal more of his insights as we move closer to our alpha launch and beyond:

Lately I have been really busy with preparing for alpha release of the GoingOn product. I will wait a few days more to give my perspective on the product and what it takes to build a product of size of GoingOn. This is especially different from a regular product development experience because of the way in which we were refining features and that is primarily because of the way things are evolving in the Web 2.0 domain.

I will give more details later on this but I wanted to emphasize the fact that we have incorporated Marc’s vision of DLAs (Digital Lifestyle Aggregators) in the product and this is huge. We started working with Marc around 14 months back and we have been learning more and more about DLAs from him. But this will actually be the first time that we will be seeing the concepts live in a large product. Needless to say that I am so excited about that and at the same time it puts a lot of pressure on us to do it right.
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Even though Marc can be a pain to work with :), he is a visionary and it's very cool to be implementing his DLA concept without our platform. So our team is glad to have him as our advisor, and we're definitely happy to be working with Tekriti and look foward to our product going live.

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