Monday, February 13, 2006


CNet has a good overview of Demo 2006 and the winners of the Demo God awards:

The 10 Demo God winners

Network Streaming, and its appliance-based remote support offering.

Panoratio Database Images, which has software designed to analyze large, complex data sets.

VSee Labs, which allows people to access and share media files and computer desktops across the Internet.

Iotum, for its service that intelligently filters phone calls depending on how important they are.

Ugobe, which has developed a charming robot dinosaur that reacts to humans' voices and touch.

Riya, a company that has developed facial recognition technology which can auto-tag photos in users' collections.

Krugle, which has a vertical search engine designed to help programmers find open source code.

Kosmix, for its service that automatically categorizes Web pages.

Front Porch, a company that has built an appliance designed to alert users to viruses, spyware and zombies on their computers.

Sprout Systems, for its business software that helps small companies manage e-mail.

You can see the actual demos at the DEMO site. One company I took a look at was TagWorld.

They overlap with what we're building at GoingOn since they provide a blogging and social networking platform, but we're going after completely different markets. They are focused on the consumer market while we're looking at the corporate sector. While some have called them the "MySpace for adults," it was interesting to hear TagWorld's Evan Rifkin, their President, say that their functionality is bringing teens to their site in droves. Definitely not our cup of tea. Lastly, they were presenting their "social commerce" product which was interesting, but ecommerce is not of interest to us at this stage.

Anyway, check out the other demos if you have time.

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