Monday, February 13, 2006


Interesting move by AOL. I know MTV has already launched a few targeted ethnic channels (i.e. Chinese, East Indian) and planning to target other markets in the U.S., so I wonder if they took it from MTV's playbook? CNet reports:

America Online on Monday said it has launched a public test of a Chinese-language version of its U.S. Web site to court Chinese Americans, offering features that in some ways are more ambitious than its main U.S. site.

The new site targets an estimated 2.7 million Chinese Americans and offers full-length features and episodes of TV series from China, viewable directly off the site. AOL's main U.S. site plans to offer vintage TV shows but does not offer full-length movies.

Up to 20 hours of video will be available at any time on AOL's Chinese-American Web site.
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Maybe this move by AOL will help stop some bleeding. I haven't seen their latest user numbers, but I assume it's still on a decline. I'm not sure how this strategy will work because I assume they have to sign up foreign content partners, but why would a Chinese American go to AOL's Chinese version versus the website with the original content? I know Koreans or Korean Americans in the U.S. go to Korean TV websites to download and watch Korean dramas and shows. Let's see how this plays out.

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