Tuesday, February 14, 2006


AOL's Ted Leonsis has a new blog called Ted's Take, which provides his thoughts on being an AOL exec and sports team owner.

Sand Hill Slave is a new blog by an unknown executive assistant at a venture capital firm. It's hilarious! One sample post:

Social Networking: VC stands for Very Clueless

In modern day courtships, particularly in the Seinfeld school of thought's elite 5%, women are measured by their physical attractiveness and men are measured by their occcupation (loosely translating into earning potential, net worth etc.). Guys are jackasses. They want you to know what they do for a living so that you will take an "initial interest" in them only to find out later that they consider you a "gold digger". This is what you get within that 5% percent. But there is another breed that I have encountered as well. The ass hat who drops the hint cooly that he's a "venture capitalist" in order for him to present to you...
Tool in Question (hereon out referred to as TQ): Man I've had a bad day at work.
Slave Girl: Yeah we get those on occassion. It's not like you are going to get fired so drink up, dude.
TQ: Well I will be if we don't close this deal.
SG: I'm sure you are great at your job. Look at it this way, the weekends coming up and you can totally chill.
TQ: I have no weekends, I have to go into work. Such is the life of VCs.
SG: (Big Chesire Cat smile) Uh.. FECES? Did you just say FECES?
TQ: NO. I said VC.. Venture Capitalist?
SG: OH ok. Same difference. (full post)

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