Monday, May 30, 2005

Korean-American singer/songwriter

Hattip to Annie
I'm not usually a big fan of plugging things, but I got to say, I'm very impressed with her. And although I give off this "anti-Korean" or "anti-Asian" guy vibe, I'm really happy to see an Asian make some major waves in the "biz" that pretty much uses Asians as "token" or an "accessory". She's has a very mature vocal style, with lyrics that do come close to heart. She's been featured not only on "asiany" publications (i.e. KoreAm Journal) but on NPR and Blender Magazine, NY Times all give her very high remarks. So this isn't just some shameless plug where just because someone is Asian, I'm trying further their cause. I'm a Captialist all the way, you only get my seal of approval if your worthy of it, not from any "affirmative action" style pity.

So check her out, HERE and you can hear three full length songs on the NPR site.

From "Your Battlefield":
Someday I will ask you if I was a dissappointment,
I will ask you if you put hard earned money into a bad investment
You will tell there are no guarantees, but you got solutions for security
and I will ask you, I will ask about my dreams...

But you say life is a battlefield, and you have given me arms
you say I have to fight... I have to keep moving on....

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