Sunday, May 29, 2005

The puzzling dichotomy of the left

Not the most terrific article in the world, but raises some valid questions. Why is it that when we went to war on trumped up charges against Milosevic, with no UN backing, it was okay, but when we went to war for suspected WMDs, over a decade of defiance, and real genocidal tendancies, did democratic underground and the moores go crazy? Oh wait... I forgot, Bush is Hitler.... that's right.

Why Dems Supported War In Bosnia But Not Iraq"

"...Milosevic had never had – much less ever used – weapons of mass destruction, he was not aiding or abetting global terrorist organizations, nor did he have rape and torture chambers throughout his nation as did Saddam Hussein. In fact, even the “ethnic cleansing” he was accused of – ginned up and exaggerated in the way that Newsweek, CNN and the New York Times routinely do – was minor in comparison to the then-ongoing genocide of the Marsh Arabs and the massacre of the Kurds, the murder of Shiites, and even the horrific execution of his fellow Sunnis by the Iraqi dictator." (more)

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