Tuesday, May 31, 2005


After three weeks away from blogging and a couple weeks from work, I'm back to the realities of life. Christine and I got in Sunday and quickly settled back into life in San Francisco with a rush of house cleaning, gift unpacking, and running errands for 15 hours nonstop yesterday (she's a slave driver:).

Our months of wedding planning and honeymoon are now a flash in the past. For our honeymoon, we went to Sardinia, Italy and Crete, Greece with a day trip to Santorini, the most beautiful of the Greek isles. We made a two-day stop in Milan for a shopping break, which was really needed in hindsight for a break back into "civilization."

Between our two primary stays, Sardinia and the Greek islands, I would have to say Sardinia was more beautiful but the islands more enjoyable. I heard from friends and travel guides that Santorini was the most beautiful island in Greece, but Sardinia with its majestic mountains and incredible ocean views was far better. Crete and Santorini was more lived in and populated in the areas we traveled, so the food, amenities, and atmosphere was better.

View from Hotel Cala di Volpe

Road down to Cala Gonone

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