Saturday, August 8, 2015

More Thought's on Francesca Fiorentini's "5 Ways America Is Already Socialist"... Beyond Stupid

Some more quick thoughts on "5 Ways America Is Already Socialist." This video is really beyond stupid and will misinform those who are intellectually lazy.

You can't claim basic pillars of probably most governments throughout history, such as forming a military and building out infrastructure paid by taxes, as "socialism." These basis functions have been around for over 3,000 years. Whether a monarchy, democracy, communism, or whatever type of government, these basis functions of government have been around and predate the formation of socialism (late 1700s) by a few thousand years.

This is like Republicans claiming environmentalism is their cause and since it was Nixon's initiative that created the EPA and passed the Clean Air Act. Or countless of other policy examples.

So I assume Francesca and her producers were either purposely seeking to misinform people OR they thought they were pretty brilliant in thinking about this. Can you imagine the comedy of them sitting there thinking this was such a great angle?

"Hey! Those stupid people at Fox News don't realize that socialists created the method on how armies throughout the world are supported! Basically any government program supported by taxes is socialism and they don't even know that! They are so stupid!..."

Straight out of "The Onion" I tell you.

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