Saturday, August 8, 2015

"5 Ways America Is Already Socialist" Must Be One of the Stupidest Videos I've Seen

This is a pretty idiotic viewpoint on political ideologies.  I probably could have written a better piece from the same perspective during my middle school years.

The "weekend" makes America socialist?  Really?  It's called a modern civil society.

Having infrastructure and a military are basic pillars of any nation for thousands of years.  It's not called "socialism", Francesca.  These "programs" don't just go back to FDR.  I really believe you should read beyond the history labor unions and some Dr. Seuss classics.

Beyond this video, it cracks me up that the Left talks a big game on egalitarianism, but when it comes to putting their money where there mouth is it comes up VERY SHORT.

Whether you look at Liberal vs. Conservative, Blue State vs. Red State, or other studies, people on the Right give far more on average than people on the Left to charities.  Even studies comparing church denominations, show as a denomination is more liberal the less they give on average. If you want to help your fellow human being out, give your money and time.  Help them out, please.  Don't just talk about it and complain and try to create laws to force people to give money.  I don't have to go far to see within San Francisco, the most liberal city in the U.S., that the Left has a giving problem.  It's been written about by writers from the Left in the area enough times.

Most right leaning moderates or conservatives that I know want universal healthcare and a more equal society, but it's the how.  It is giving more money and power to government?  You just have to look at the California public school system or the infamous D.C. school district that use to be the highest expenditure per student in the nation but one of the worst education systems in the nation to see how inefficient and ineffective such programs can be.  People on the right would rather give to a nonprofit that helps people directly rather than government programs.

Anyway, this is my 3 minute rant on this topic.  Hopefully I will have time to write more complete thoughts on this later.

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