Monday, October 17, 2011

Thoughts on Harbaugh Handshake from Mary Poppins

My thoughts on the whole Harbaugh vs. Schwartz situation are summed up below. First, is my email to the Jim Rome show, which I didn't check yet if it got on. Second, is my quick take on it.

Dear Sir,

Coach Harbaugh's lack of proper etiquette and gentleness was offensive to all the proper ladies I know of in London. My heart goes out to Coach Schwartz especially since he was one of my favorite students as a young girl.

Mary Poppins
London, England

My real take is that if Schwartz won and Harbaugh did the exact same thing, would he have gotten upset? I bet not. I am not a fan of either team, but looking at Schwartz's demeanor as a coach he is the type to overreact. He was looking for something more since he was pissed off that he lost. Many of us have been there. If Schwartz was simply insulted, he wouldn't have chased after Harbaugh and bumped him to look for a fight. The guy is a loser. He's a sore loser and I lost some respect for the Lion's as an organization.

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