Sunday, October 16, 2011

Age of Monsters - Rock Paper Scissors Trailer

New FB game from Jeff Matsuda, who was the primary designer for The Batman cartoon series and use to draw X-Men, Avengers, and others. So it must be good :)

"Beginning Oct 19, download the game here:

If Michael Bay made a Rock Paper Scissor game, we'd like to think this would be it.

Age of Monsters -- Rock Paper Scissors transports the classic schoolyard game to a monster-eat-monster, post-apocalyptic world where mortals dare not tread (kinda like North Philadelphia).

From the mind of Jeff Matsuda, the Emmy Award winning Producer and Creative Director of The Batman cartoon, and his team at Massive Joe Studios, AOM -- RPS is the Rock Paper Scissors game to end ALL Rock Paper Scissor games. "

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