Thursday, September 16, 2010

News & Links List

Back from Asia and the two week break from blogging is over. Now just catching up on news links...

"Internet Founder Tim Berners-Lee Details 4 Concerns About Future of Mobile Web (Nokia World 2010)" ReadWriteWeb

"The Seven Best Startups At DEMO" TechCrunch

"Bessemer's Top 10 Laws Of E-commerce: Introduction" AlwaysOn

"The Social Layer: How the Rise of Web-Oriented Architecture is Changing Enterprise IT" ReadWriteWeb

"Zygna Isn’t Playing Around" Stowe Boyd

"Two years on, Chrome reshapes browser market" CNET

"Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablet goes official" CNET

"Is Motorola back?" Fortune

"The Power Of Quora & Why Benchmark Was Right To Pay Up" AlwaysOn
My comment on this post: "Seems a bit of scratching another VC's back. Do you still believe this after seeing Facebook's Q&A system? Sure they said they wouldn't copy Quora, but it seems like they have. Also once Quora opened up their beta, the quality of answers have been diluted so Facebook and Quora looks like they are on a head-to-head crash course."

"Popular Android Mod Now Supports Froyo, Breathes Life Into Old Phones" ReadWriteWeb

"What Should You Do When Your Web Service Blows Up?" Brad Feld

"Sarah Palin: The Sound and the Fury" Vanity Fair

"Vanity Fair publishes 18-page attack on Sarah Palin" Christian Science Monitor

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