Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mobile TV in Korea on Galaxy S, FaceTime is Behind in Korea

Just a video shot (from my Samsung Galaxy S) of a Galaxy S in South Korea. My friend, Eugene, was just showing me the mobile TV (terrestrial DMB) service which comes standard on many phones in Korea. Korea was the first to launch mobile TV in the world with initially satellite DMB/TV and then regular terrestrial DMB/TV became available several months later. One source states that this was launched in 2005, but I remember some of my friends getting early access to mobile TV in Korea during 2004. Maybe my memory is fading as I hit forty.

Also since mobile video conferencing has been in Korea for several years (Apple calls this "FaceTime" like it was something they invented), Eugene talked about how it was lame on the iPhone 4 since it's limited to other iPhone 4s while in Korea other mobile phones allow video conferencing across all phone models and wireless networks.

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