Tuesday, April 27, 2010

News & Links List

"Expert: Invalid Warrant Used in Raid on iPhone Reporter’s Home" WIRED

"Cops Bust Into Gizmodo Editor's Home And Seize Computers, Documents In iPhone Probe" Business Insider

"Gizmodo suddenly not in a hurry to break a scoop" Fake Steve Jobs

"Facebook F8: One graph to rule them all" CNET

"Building the Social Web Together" by Mark Zuckerberg

"Three Dell Android Smartphones Leak: HTC Had Best Watch Their Back" Fast Company

"CenturyTel makes $22.4 billion bid for Qwest" CNET

"South Korea tops the 2009 Broadband Leadership" Korea Insight

"Hot Deals, Big Money: What’s Up With Silicon Valley?" GigaOM

"Adman Fired by Geico Takes His War Against Tea Partiers to YouTube" BNET

"Goldman in the Eye of the Beholder" The Atlantic, Megan McArdle

"Did Porn Cause the Financial Crisis?" The Atlantic, Daniel Indiviglio

"Could this be the dumbest company in the world?" Memeburn

""The Coming Population Crash": The overpopulation myth
How feminism and pop culture saved Earth from getting too crowded -- and are helping to avert planetary catastrophe"

"60% Say Capitalism Better Than Socialism" Rasmussen Reports

"Finally, A Real White Supremacist Rally And Almost No One Notices" Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion

"Redactions Revealed: The Six Secrets You Need to Know From the Obama Subpoena Request" NBC Chicago

"The Unofficial Gray Powell iPhone t-shirt" Zazzle

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