Tuesday, April 20, 2010

News & Links List

"Meebo’s XAuth could turn social sharing into a big business" VentureBeat

"Could 2010 be the year Android unlocks your phone contract?" VentureBeat

"Is Google trying to poach iPhone developers for Android? If not, they should." Androinica

"Groupon Raises Huge New Round at $1.2 Billion Valuation (Updated)" TechCrunch

"Could Zynga really be worth $5 billion?" VentureBeat

"South Park Explains Everything That Is Annoying About Facebook" Gawker.tv

"FarmVille user runs up £900 debt
A 12-year-old boy spent £625 on his mother's credit card and £288 of his own savings on Facebook game FarmVille"

"Making Whuffie: Social networks change the way we look at the world and introduce new economic incentives." Forbes

"The Accidental Investment
Mobile app maker Smule wasn't looking for more funding but saw the value when the right backers came knocking."

"10 lessons for tech startups" Memeburn

"Hiring? Try the crowd navigation method" VentureBeat, Brad Feld

"Nexon Isn't Worst Company In America, Yet" The Consumerist

"The Dark Side of Steve Jobs" Valleywag

"The Egg Market: What determines the price of a woman's eggs? SAT scores." Slate

"Kyl: Liu's writings 'vicious'" Politico

"Former astronaut blasts Obama’s plans for space program" The Cap Times

"Jim Nantz criticizes Tiger Woods' vocal tantrums" Yahoo!'s Devil Ball Golf

"Nike's Tiger Woods Ad: Too Soon?" Fast Company

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