Monday, February 15, 2010

TED Reviews & Links

Unlike TED 2008, I didn't blog actively or daily this year. Some of reasoning was that I was only able to stay for two-thirds of the conference due to our twin girls. The other part of it was because I had work to do during the evenings and couldn't devote the mental energy to effectively reflect upon each day.

Anyway, here are some news and blog reviews of this year's TED:

"Wisdom: Roundup of TED2010, Session 12" TED Blog
Primarily a photo blog.

"David Cameron at TED" BusinessWeek's NEXT blog

"Heroes and Villains at TED" BusinessWeek's NEXT blog

"Thought experiments at TED" BusinessWeek's NEXT blog

"Sergey Brin on Google China at TED" BusinessWeek's NEXT blog

"Introducing TED Fellow: Daniel Zoughbie"
BusinessWeek's NEXT blog

"Bill Gates Goes Nuclear" BusinessWeek's NEXT blog

"TED 2010: Halting Blood Vessels Key to New Cancer Treatment; Possibly Obesity" WIRED's Epicenter

"TED 2010: Reality Is Broken. Game Designers Must Fix It" WIRED's Epicenter

"TED 2010: The Price in Human Suffering of Being Open-Minded" WIRED's Epicenter

"TED 2010: Death Star Laser Gun Zaps Mosquitoes Dead" WIRED's Epicenter

"TED 2010: Google Optimistic It Can Remain in China" WIRED's Epicenter

"TED 2010: Wired for the iPad to Launch by Summer" WIRED's Epicenter

"TED 2010: Transformative Transparency" Fresh Influence blog

"TED 2010: Id and Identity Online" Fresh Influence blog

"TED 2010: Innovation NOW" Fresh Influence blog

"Jake Shimabukuro at TED2010" BoingBoing

"TED 2010 in 100 Tweets" Bill Gross

"Highlights from TED 2010, Day One" Brain Pickings

"Highlights from TED 2010: Day Two" Brain Pickings

"TED 2010 Day Three: A New Kind of Middle School and Bill Gates on Energy Miracles" HBR's Anthony Tjan

"TED 2010: Day 3" MIT Sloan Management Review

"TED 2010: Day 4 and Wrapup" MIT Sloan Management Review

"Kevin Bales at TED: We Can End Slavery" Tonic

"Notes From TED: Can Simplicity and Innovation Overcome Complexity and Cynicism?" The Huffington Post

"Bill Gates: We need global 'energy miracles'" CNN

"Ten big ideas from TED" CNN

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