Monday, December 7, 2009

Google Launches Real-Time Search... Toast is Burning

Not a big prediction since most people knew it was coming, but here's what I wrote in the comments of my tech op-ed at Mashable, "4 Emerging Trends of the Real-Time Web":

When Technorati, Feedster and others arrived on the scene. I loved their services, but believed that once Google paid attention to this space and developed their own blog search that Technorati and others would be toast. A few years later, Google quietly launched their blog search service and I made the switch within a year once their search results were better than Technorati’s.

So I'm doubtful of any big new companies in this space and expect only smaller exits of $10M-$30M for those trying to be a comprehensive search engine. That's why I think vertical categories have more potential. Of course, I could be wrong but will keep track of this space. Thanks!

In my initial draft, I was more negative and my third emerging trend, "Real-Time Search is Looking Up," was actually written as "Real-Time Search is Toast" since I was referring to the startups trying to be the next Google of real-time search. Unless you like butter and jam, I warned people to avoid this space that Google and other big dogs would eventually conquer. Since it was an op-ed, which was to be encouraging to entrepreneurs, I changed it to a more upbeat title.

Google's official announcement here.

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