Monday, December 7, 2009

Digital Tourettes

My friend, Dave, and I were talking about one of our friends who lives in the realm of too much information on his social networks. It's to the point where a person might say:

"Is his wife going to divorce him?"
"Man, his wife is going to beat his ass."
"Did I really need to know that?"

Dave would classify our friend as having "digital tourettes." This is a syndrome where people uncontrollably cross social boundaries that the vast majority of a society won't cross. It's not simply posting too many details of your life's activities or daily habits, but those activities that people don't need to really know. This involves unnecessary information about bowel movements, flatulence, sexual activities, details about strip club visits, bachelor party escapades, stupid college adventures, etc.

I really hope this doesn't become a growing syndrome due to this new digital era of micro-blogging, 24/7 online presence, and wannabe stardom. Seriously, if you know anyone that might have these symptoms, please conduct an intervention and get him/her some psychiatric help.

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