Monday, April 27, 2009

Events in Silicon Valley for This Week

Some interesting events in Silicon Valley this week...

A Case Study of Learning Lessons for Entrepreneurs

By the SDForum
Wednesday, April 29th from 7:30AM - 9:15AM

Frank, Rimerman + Co.
1801 Page Mill Road
Palo Alto, CA


SDForum, in collaboration with Nixon Peabody and Frank Rimerman are delighted to announce the launch of a unique and innovative breakfast series: Building a Tech Business in Silicon Valley: A Case Study. The Series is NOT a “talking heads” panel program. Instead, the important lessons learned are communicated through discussions centering around detailed case descriptions. Audience members put themselves in the shoes of the company's principals as they suffer and succeed through the rollercoaster life of a startup. The Series will take place across five sessions from Fall '08 to Spring '09 and will trace the lifecycle of a fictitious Silicon Valley technology company.

CSR in a Recession: Doing Well by Doing Good in Not-So-Good Times

by The Good Business Network
Wednesday, April 29, from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

540 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94105
Tickets: $10 online/$20 cash at the door

With the economy in uncharted territory, anyone who cares about values-based business – companies, nonprofits, social entrepreneurs and individuals – must learn how to navigate corporate social responsibility through a Great Recession era.

Join The Good Business Network to discuss how we can all still do well by doing good, in conversation with:

* Nick Aster, Founder, Triple Pundit
* Joel Bashevkin, Executive Director, West Coast, Taproot Foundation
* Christopher Esposito, VP, Recruiting and Sales, Magley and Associates
* Sid Espinosa, City Councilman, City of Palo Alto
* Gil Friend, President and CEO, Natural Logic Inc.
* Mike Hannigan, President and Co-Founder Give Something Back
* Marcy Scott Lynn, Director of Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility, Sun Microsystems
* Amy Skeeters-Behrens, Head of Marketing Operations, Global Citizenship Team, eBay

Presentation and Product Demo Secrets

by The Good Business Network
Thursday, April 30, from 7:30 AM - 10:30 AM

White & Lee
541 Jefferson Ave # 100
Redwood City, CA

Nathan Gold takes you through the following sessions.

The 3 secrets to making your PPT deck 500% more effective.
PowerPoint is the most common method of presenting information in business. However, most people do not use the power of PowerPoint effectively. Learn the 3 secrets to making your PowerPoint deck 500% more effective. Start using these techniques immediately and you will see a huge change in how your audience responds to your presentation.

1. How to begin every presentation so that people will want to listen.
2. How to design your PPT deck so people will not fall asleep.
3. How to prepare for the unexpected.
4. "Bonus Secret" How to instantly bring the attention back to the presenter.

The 3 secrets to giving more compelling and memorable product demos.

The 3 secrets to know when meeting with venture capitalists.

The 3 secrets to using the WWW to get things done fast and cheap!

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