Monday, April 27, 2009

Congresswoman Jackie Speier Speaking at "Banking On Life" Conference

Update on the "Banking On Life" Conference that is sponsored by the Center for Bioethics & Culture. Congresswoman Jackie Speier of California's 12th Congressional District will be attending and giving some remarks. This is important since she is sponsoring cord blood legislation which will be introduce in Congress in the coming weeks. More...

Congresswoman Jackie Speier to Appear at May 2nd Bay Area conference, BANKING ON LIFE

San Francisco, CA – With the Obama administration recently announcing its policy change on the issue of stem cell research & regenerative medicine, the questions surrounding this issue are many. Promising to deliver some answers, perhaps the most comprehensive one-day conference with cutting edge leaders from around the world will take place in the City by the Bay on May 2, 2009.

Hosted by The Center For Bioethics and Culture Network, a noted Bay Area institution, and Cord Blood Registry, a leader in cord blood banking, this conference will focus on bringing to light the potential future uses of stem cells for treatment of disease and their impact on medical care. Congresswoman Jackie Speier is scheduled to address the conference as an advocate for banking cord blood. Other scheduled conference speakers are world leaders in their fields of umbilical cord blood stem cell research and regenerative medicine.

"This is THE place to be if you really want to gain an understanding of this issue.
This conference will be the place to ask hard questions as we also explore the progress in regenerative application with cord blood stem cells," explains Jennifer Lahl, Founder and National Director of the CBC.

"If we can fearlessly address some of the questions surrounding the issue of cord blood stem cell research and regenerative medicine, we can put aside many of the stem cell research debates! This area of research is a place where we can all agree." says Lahl.

Cutting edge leaders from around the world in the field of umbilical cord blood stem cell research and regenerative medicine will be at the Sheraton Gateway- San Francisco Airport on May 2nd to promote, inform and educate attendees on up to the minute successes and advances in cord blood research. These key voices will convene to share information that will shape the future direction of progress in cord blood banking and advances in patient treatments.

"Bottom line is we all need to better understand this issue – and do a better job of raising awareness of the progress being made in this field and bank more cord blood", concludes Lahl.

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