Thursday, January 22, 2009

News & Links List

"Obama and Guantanamo"' The Wall Street Journal
Ah, the reality when politics has to become policy.

"Stocks plummet on banking fears; Dow's worst Inaugural Day ever" USAToday
Worse Election Day drop and now the worst Inaugural Day drop. Markets trying to say something?

"Bush's Real Sin Was Winning in Iraq" by WSJ's William McGurn

"Web Design Trends For 2009" Smashing Magazine

"More Web Design Trends For 2009" Smashing Magazine

"IBM sunny about 2009 despite dreary forecasts"
Some good news for the tech sector. Maybe IT integrators will see some gains in 2009?

"Where the Deals Are: Real Estate in Emerging Markets" Knowledge@Wharton

"Lesson One: What Really Lies Behind the Financial Crisis?" Knowledge@Wharton

"Is this the end of China's solar boom?"

"The Strategic Importance of Moral Capital"

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