Friday, January 2, 2009

News & Links List

"Moral Clarity in Gaza" by Charles Krauthammer

"Striking Deep Into Israel, Hamas Employs an Upgraded Arsenal" NYTimes

"Marty Peretz and the American political consensus on Israel" By Salon's Glenn Greenwald

"Attack on Gaza: As Usual, U.S. Media (And Most Liberals) Silent -- As Israeli Newspaper Raises Doubts"
One of Huffington Post's liberal viewpoints

"IDF Airstrikes Continue-- 110 Rockets Fired Into Israel-- Egyptian Foreign Minister Blames Hamas (Video)" Gateway Pundit

"Samuel Huntington's Warning" WSJ

"Samuel P. Huntington of Harvard Dies at 81" NYTimes

"What FriendFeed Needs to Do To Grow and Keep New Users" by Louis Gray

"Louis Gray on Why Friendfeed Will Fail" by Stowe Boyd

"Mr. Tweet speeds up its Twitter recommendations" VentureBeat

"Social Media Personality Types: Slideshow" by Adrian Chan

Social Media Personality Types
View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: sxd ixd)

"Admiring Bill Gates" O'Reilly Radar

"Time to Reboot America" by Thomas Friedman

"Conservative Snobs Are Wrong About Palin"
by John O'Sullivan
Palin can be a national figure for the Republican Party, but I don't think she has the capacity to be president of our nation. I just want someone that doesn't have to be handled and protected. A leader with the intellectual and oratory skills to go at it alone. This is a basic requirement that shouldn't be asked of our national leaders.

"Rice: People will soon thank Bush for what he's done" CNN

"GOP reaction divided over controversial Obama song"
Chip Saltsman is a tool. Even if he isn't a racist, why go there? Why now? What an idiot.

"YouthAIDS' Kate Roberts: Using Marketing Skills and Media to Keep Young People Alive"
My fellow Socrates Society attendee interviewed by Wharton.

"A Faustian failure" by Adrian Hong
Excellent op-ed on the situation in North Korea. I serve as an advisor to LiNK (Liberty in North Korea)

"As an atheist, I truly believe Africa needs God
Missionaries, not aid money, are the solution to Africa's biggest problem - the crushing passivity of the people's mindset"

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