Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Twitter Search By Authority?... MG Money

Loic Le Meur created a stir by asking for Twitter search by authority. Michael Arrington continues with a post here.

VentureBeat's MG Siegler at his personal blog, ParisLemon, has an amusing and money post on Loic's request, "Bitchmeme: On Twitter You Will Respect My Authori-tay":

"Second, this absolutely would ruin one of the most compelling things about Twitter: That it's completely democratic. If you want to know what someone has to say on a topic, follow them, no need to have their opinions forced in everyone's face because they are "more authoritative," that's subjective. Dave Winer and Jeremiah Owyang have the right idea for this: Make an option to search for topic within the people you follow...

But the reasons people are bitching about it so much is because Le Meur's actually onto something that is in fact a growing problem on Twitter (too much noise), but he proposes a solution without thinking it through."

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