Thursday, September 11, 2008

TechCrunch50... My Favorites

The TechCrunch50 was a great conference. Great energy, people, and some very cool companies. Yammer took the top prize at the conference, but there was a lot of displeasure in the choice and some dirty rumors that are floating around.

I don't care for the noise right now. I will say that Yammer isn't a symbol of innovation or great technology, but it does have potential to have a good exit. My favorites after the three days were...

Some more news...

"TC50: Twitter-for-business startup Yammer wins TechCrunch50, I may eat my hat" VentureBeat

"TC50: Iamnews Emerges From The DemoPit To Win People’s Choice" TechCrunch

"TechCrunch50 swag bag: Room for improvement" Webware

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