Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Obama Asks, Hillary Declines, Then The Leak

So my colleague Dan asked me about my thoughts Senator Biden's comment today that "Hillary is a better pick than me."

First, you know this spells trouble for the Obama campaign either way. Biden is feeling the heat and realizes that he's a non-player now with McCain's pick of Palin.

Dan stated that it's not unprecedented for a VP candidate to be replaced mid-campaign This would be a tough call for Obama, but probably the best strategic move. It would be played as huge negative by McCain's campaign, but Hillary's popularity would probably override the negatives.

Question for me is that if Obama asks, will Hillary accept?

I've always thought that the Clintons wanted Obama to lose. My read between the lines on Hillary's speech at the DNC convention confirmed this for me. The Clintons want Obama to lose so that Hillary can win. I bet her desire is even greater with Palin on the Republican ticket and her opportunity to be the historic first woman president in the U.S.

My guess is Clinton would only accept if Obama guaranteed that he will not run for re-election in 2012. This would never happen, so my guess is that Clinton will decline and this will be leaked to the press. Game over for Obama.

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