Tuesday, September 9, 2008

TechCrunch50 Day 1

I assume besides the Wi-Fi/Internet problems Michael and Jason are happy with the first day of the conference. The energy was great, the presentations were good, the panelists were solid (love Yossi!), and the interviews went well.

Even though the presentations were decent to good, nothing really excited me the first day. No real cool technology or 'wow' idea. There are some companies that will be home runs, but these will be execution plays. There are some companies that will be good early acquisition plays that will make their angels happy, but nothing game changing during this first day.

Without any analysis, here are the companies that I thought had good potential. When I have time later this week, I'll try to write my detailed thoughts on these companies. Maybe Friday since I'm in meetings with our law firm all day Thursday.






Adgregate Markets

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