Monday, September 1, 2008

Google Chrome... Pretty Cool But Someone is in Trouble

The blogosphere is buzzing about Google's stealth browser project, Chrome, after Google Blogoscoped's Philipp Lenssen received a comic book by mail and posted, "Google Chrome, Google’s Browser Project"

I'm wondering if it really was by mail or was it by hand? Philipp took the effort to scan and post it up here. I think someone is in trouble over at Google. Wondering what would motivate a person to leak this in light of the consequences? Or was it just loose lips falling on the wrong ears?

Kara Swisher has already started the war drums on the battle between Microsoft and Google, "Google Ignites a New Browser War With Microsoft By Unveiling One of its Own This Week"

Webware has a good overview, "Google 'starting from scratch' with own browser, Chrome"

More from TechCrunch, "No Joke: Google Introduces The Chrome Browser With A Cartoon" and ReadWriteWeb, "Google to Offer its Own Browser: Chrome"

UPDATE: Officially announced on Google's Blog, "A fresh take on the browser"

Since it's officially out, I can blog now that I saw it in action this past month. I've always maintained my silence when it comes to Google's alphas since I'm respectful of my wife's position at Google and Christine is a very conservative, by-the-book person with a mean right hook :)

Anyway, I'll say that the Google Chrome team did a great job. The browser looks and works like a lightweight app. It's fast like a high-performance car and there are features that I appreciated, such as their Omnibox. I look forward to testing it out this week.

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