Thursday, September 11, 2008

Google Acquires TNC (Tatter and Company)

Google acquired TNC today. Congratulations to Chester and Chang!

TNC is a Korean blogging platform is similar to Automattic. This acquisition will help Google gain more traction in a market where it barely breaks the top ten of search engines and is the 5th largest online ad market in the world.

I met Chang and Chester a couple years ago and now a co-organizer with Chang and a few others on Open Web Asia '08, which is first pan-Asian web technology event.

Chang has more here, "We've been Googled!"

UPDATE: VentureBeat, "Google buys Korean blogging software platform TNC, one of first purchases in Asia" and Mashable, "Google Starts Shopping in Korea; Buys Blog Platform Maker TNC," picked this news up.

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