Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Open Web Asia '08... Save The Date!

Today we are announcing Open Web Asia '08, which is the first pan-Asian web technology event. The conference will be held on October 14th, 2008 at the Sheraton Grande Walkerhill in Seoul, Korea.

I'm one of the co-organizers along with a great group of people that have been collaborating online over the past several months. It's a team from China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the U.S.:

Chang W. Kim, CEO of TNC (Korea's leading blog software company) & blogs at Web 2.0 Asia

Andrew Shuttleworth
, CEO of CVP, a consultancy in Japan, & writes at his personal blog.

Angus Lau, Founder & Editor of 852signal, the leading source of Web 2.0 news in Hong Kong.

Arai Shunichi, President of mellowtone Inc., software consulting company, & blogs at Asiajin.

Benjamin Joffe, CEO of +8*, a Beijing-based strategic consultancy, and Co-founder of Mobile Monday Beijing & writes at his company blog

Gang Lu, Asia Business Development Director of, Co-Founder of OpenWeb.Asia Workgroup & blogs at

George Godula, Founder & CEO of Web2Asia, a consultancy based in Shanghai, & writes at his company blog.

John S. Kim, CEO of Paprika Lab & writes at his company blog

Howie Chang, an interaction designer with Creative Labs and he runs "astronautjesus", a design label that aims to be an alternative to the mainstream & blogs at User Experience.

Tangos Chan, Founder & Editor of China Web2.0 Review, a leading source of Web 2.0 news in China

Most of the co-organizers are part of the Open Web Asia Workgroup along with other entrepreneurs, thinkers, and bloggers within the Asian web industry. I'm sort of an outlier since I'm in the U.S. and my blog is not part of the Open Web Asia Workgroup :)

Chang W. Kim initiated this effort through a blog post at the end of last year, "An open letter to Asia's web industry people - What do you think about AsiaWeb 2008?"

And then was nice enough to invite me to be part of the initial organizing team.

Anyway, we've come a long way and over the past few months the team has been working hard on making this an awesome event. All volunteer work and all for the experience of it :) Here are some of the great speakers that are confirmed:

* Kevin Day (CEO, Comsenz) (China)
* Arthur Chang (VP of Global Sales, Alibaba) (China)
* Yongjoon Hyoung (CEO of StoryBlender & Founder of Cyworld) (Korea)
* Yongseok Jang (Senior Director, eBay Asia Pacific) (Korea)
* Yozo Kaneko (Director and COO of ngi group, inc.) (Japan)
* James W. Kim (CEO of Yahoo!’s Korea Region) (Korea)
* Jimmy Kim (Executive Vice President, Nexon Corp.) (Korea)
* Loic Le Meur (CEO, Seesmic) (USA)
* Ram Lee (Head of Communities, NHN Corporation (Naver)) (Korea)
* Kent Lindström (Senior Vice President, Corporate Development, Friendster) (USA)
* Shusaku Maruko (General Manager, Corporate Strategy Department, Felica) (Japan)
* Jean K. Min (Communications Director, Ohmynews) (Korea)
* Akio Tanaka (Partner, Infinity Ventures) (Japan)
* Bill Wang (VP of Overseas Business, Perfect World) (China)
* Andreas Weigend (Consultant & Lecturer; Former Chief Scientist of Amazon) (USA)
* Kwan Yoon (Partner, Bluerun Ventures) (USA)

Open Web Asia '08 will be held in association with the World Knowledge Forum (WKF). The WKF has established itself as one of the most prestigious conferences in Asia with speakers and attendees such as Bill Gates, Colin Powell, Jack Welch, Alan Greenspan, Michael Dell, and Paul Wolfowitz. Our team is excited about this partnership since their organization is providing resources, recognition and support for our conference.

The registration fee is $200 since the World Knowledge Forum was gracious enough to subsidize half of the original ticket price of US$400. REGISTRATION INFO IS HERE.

Also if you are interested in sponsoring the conference, please visit the Sponsor page here.

Conference blog post, "Announcing the Open Web Asia ‘08"

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