Friday, August 29, 2008

News & Links List

"Innovation Isn't Dying In Silicon Valley; It's Just Changing"

"Fuck the VCs" by John Casasanta

"Developer Analytics: Facebook game Mob Wars making $22,000 a day" VentureBeat

"Veoh decision setback for Viacom, but Google not off hook" CNET

"LPGA's English-only policy is unsportsmanlike and un-American" By Michael Walker Jr.
Great op-ed by GOLF Magazine's Senior Editor. If the LPGA really wanted to help the Korean golfers on the tour improve their English, there are better ways to do it.

"LPGA way out of bounds: English-only policy an abysmal shank" The Boston Globe

"9-year-old boy told he's too good to pitch" ESPN
This is just wrong. These New Haven league officials are tools or just selfish. And if some parents are actually part of forfeiting games because he's too good, they're idiots. Wouldn't you want your kids to face the best so that they could become better?

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