Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wisia Beta... Social Recommendations (Win A New iPhone!)

Wisia is a new social recommendation service launched out of IWIlab, a startup incubator. This was started by Brian Kim, the co-founder of Hangame and former CEO of NHN Corp. Hangame, which was the leading online casual gaming company in the world, merged with several years ago to form NHN Corp, and today they dominate the search market with approximately 80% market share in South Korea.

Anyway, Brian, Dean, John and their team have been working hard to churn out various products for multiple markets across the globe. They recently launched Buru, which was covered by Mashable ("Buru: FriendFeed Plus Delicious").

Now they have launched Wisia's beta and are looking for more beta testers. Just go to their site and use this invite code "bernardmoon" and hack away. Blunt and bold feedback is appreciated.

They are also giving incentive for people to crank on their beta by having a contest where you can win a new Apple 3G iPhone or $50 iTunes gift cards. Check it out!

Web 2.0 Asia has more about Wisia here.

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