Friday, July 25, 2008

MobileBeat, Mobile Web Wars, TechCrunch Party

Thursday I attended VentureBeat's MobileBeat 2008 and was pleasantly surprised. The event was well done. Matt Marshall, Tim Chang, and others did great at moderating. Good energy, the panels were informative, and the crowd was good. Some random facts to note:

- Total U.S. subscribers in Q1 of 2008 was 255 million.
- 198 million text messengers.
- 123 million multimedia SMSers.
- 95 million Internet users through mobile.

U.S. market has a 16% penetration rate of mobile users using the Internet. 95 million subscribers pay for mobile Internet access.

4% of mobile internet users have iPhones, but they access the Internet 5x the average.

- PC Home users 120 million
- Mobile users 40 million
- Mobile Lift: 14% (outside the overlap of PC Home users & Mobile)
- Unduplicated audience is 137 million

VentureBeat's review, "Thanks for coming to MobileBeat 2008"

Friday I went to meeting after meeting and then attended TechCrunch's Mobile Web Wars. It was an entertaining panel, but a bit chaotic since there were 19 panelists. Arrington and David Rivas from Nokia were going at it early on, which was amusing and prompted me to Twitter about it (rare occasion that I tweet on live events).

Anyway, I went to the TechCrunch August Capital party afterwards. I couldn't go last year due to being knee deep in my startup, but went the year before. It is good being out and about again after being in a cave for a couple years. This whole year has been good since I've been finally putting together real people with faces on various social networks or email correspondence.

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