Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Qbox Relaunches

I posted about Qbox before here (Yes, I advise them). They just relaunched their beta after going back to the vault and streamlining their online music service. Also they have a new CEO, Peter Keum, who was recently Director of Business Development at Quigo until AOL bought for $340 million. Peter is an old friend that I've known since he was a senior at Harvard. I'm glad that he's on board helping Ian and the rest of the team.

Anyway, here is some press about their new beta launch:

"Qbox could be the ultimate music player...if it worked" CNET's Matt Rosoff
Mixed review. He liked the concept but ran into some bugs. Qbox will win him over.

"Qbox, maker of desktop music player, seeks first VC round" The Deal

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