Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Open Web Asia!

Gang Lu created an aggregation page for Asia's top English language tech blogs called Open Web.Asia Workgroup. Here's a description:

The OpenWeb.Asia Workgroup is a network of premium blogs focus on Asian Web industry. These sites build efficient channels between Asia web and global industry, and also enhance the inter-communication of local Internet markets.

More from ReadWriteWeb's Marshall Kirkpatrick:

Everyone working on the web around the world would like to connect with people in Asia, but it's not easy to do. That dynamic and populous region is often focused inward and it's made inaccessible to outsiders because there is so little information about what goes on there available in the web's dominant language, English.

OpenWeb Asia is a new project that aims to change those trends.

This is a good initiative by Gang, who I'm working with for the first pan-Asia web tech conference called Open Web Asia '08. If you're interested in what going on in Asia's tech space, check it out!

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