Monday, June 30, 2008

New InsideWork Site Launched... Win Some Free Stuff!

One of our portfolio companies that I'm involved with is InsideWork. It's a business site for the spiritually engaged that seeks to "transform the soul of commerce." They launched a new version of the website today. Check it out if this interests you. More from opening post:

Welcome to InsideWork 3.0
The new look at InsideWork® is more than cosmetic. You're looking at Day One in the third iteration of InsideWork® — reengineered from the core out to deliver our third generation of content.

Our first content migration took InsideWork® from a standard let-us-tell-you-all-about-us website to a blog-style news and comment presentation — a significant step to be sure. But what you're looking at now is more than an incremental step; it's a leap to our future as a media platform delivering every class of content and interaction right down to the cellphone level. Expect to find an emerging experience tailored to the way you live and the pace you keep...

And there is some incentive to explore the new site by giving away free stuff (books, t-shirts, music devices, etc.):

Each Monday from June 30 - August 4, 2008, we’re giving away cool stuff to people who enter the hidden door: door-small1.png

Every Monday the hidden door will move to a new location. Find it, click to enter, and follow the simple instructions on the other side. It’s our way of inviting you to explore the new architecture and find what InsideWork has for you.

First up: The first six people who respond on June 30, will receive a copy of Seth Godin’s The Big Moo (an InsideWork favorite).

Those who respond after the first six will be entered in a drawing for a mighty fine prize at the end.

So… browse, enjoy, tell your friends, let us know what you think.

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