Friday, May 30, 2008

"There's a New Conversation"... Notes from the Event

I enjoyed yesterday's event celebrating 10 years since The Cluetrain Manifesto. The event's blog has all the speaking overviews:

Doc Searl: Intro

Deborah Schultz: Stop yelling & start weaving

Thor Muller: Customer Service From the Outside-in

Giovanni Rodriguez: The Role of Positioning in the Age of Conversation

Andreas Weigend: Conversational Data

Jeremiah Owyang: Getting Your Company Conversation-Ready

Peter Hirshberg: The Future of the Cluetrain

Each session had bits of good information. Some spoke to agencies (e.g. marketing, pr) more so than others, so those weren't as interesting to me. I enjoyed Andreas Weigend and Peter Hirshberg's sessions the most.

Prof. Weigend discussed how we've been moving from a data poor world to a data rich world over the past decade. Think about the amount of data we now gather today versus his example of how we use to "milk data from five digits of your zip code."

He stated how we're moving from a single customer focused revenue model (i.e. ARPUs, average revenue per users) to consumer network revenue models. Data moves so much today and the interconnections are greater. Sears stopped sending out their famous catalogs in 1993 since prices could no longer be stagnant for a year.

Andreas noted how 25%-45% of Amazon's revenue came from items that people didn't know about and were referred through recommendations.

How can companies actually use conversational data? He also stated that the future faces a consumer data revolution where we have to answer "who pays whom?"

He asked, "When will it be easy for us to reach companies as it is to reach people?"

Peter Hirschberg was entertaining again, and he really drove home for me how for companies "understanding your audience is a competitive weapon."

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