Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"Giving Until It Hurts"... Stephen Linton

Great article in The Washington Post on Dr. Stephen Linton and his efforts to help the people of North Korea. I met Stephen Linton almost 15 years ago when my parents befriended him and supported the early days of the Eugene Bell Foundation. I remember one fund-raiser at our home where Linton was showing a video of one of his trips inside North Korea during the mid-90s. Some of the footage showed people eating grass, bark, and whatever else to sustain themselves. It was and still is a systematic starvation of its people. The concentration camps, which most of the world ignores, there are a systematic killing of its citizens.

Giving Until It Hurts
For a decade, Stephen Linton has been battling an epidemic of tuberculosis -- and the world's most obstinate bureaucracy -- in North Korea, a country few foreigners are allowed to even see

STEPHEN LINTON IS BEING HUSTLED THROUGH THE DARKENING CORRIDORS of Hadan Tuberculosis Hospital in western North Korea. It took him three hours to get here from Pyongyang, the capital, which is linked tenuously to Hadan by 50 miles of deeply rutted and washed-out roads. A diminutive man with a craggy face and patrician silhouette, Linton has just finished unloading a cache of medical supplies, and now the hospital director, who wears a white lab coat and a head covering that could double for a baker's hat, wants him to observe a surgery. But they'll have to hurry: It's already late in the November day and, in a country where electricity is tightly rationed, a surgery's outcome can hinge on how much sunlight is pouring through operating room windows... (full article)

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