Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"Black Hat Tariffs – The Black Hat Taxes On Consumer Internet Companies Are On The Rise"

Auren Hoffman, CEO of Rapleaf, has a good post on Black Hat Taxes:

Black Hat Tariffs – The Black Hat Taxes on consumer Internet companies are on the rise
Web sites are spending more than a quarter of their time fighting bad guys

I can speak from my three years at GoingOn Networks. Besides business development and product development as my primary duties, it seemed that my other role was cleanup boy. My last year more and more of my time in between real work was going through our system and deleting social network spam. Fake users, fake posts, and fake networks. It almost became my hobby. Our developers implemented various barriers, but sometimes you just had to manually go into our backend and delete trackback spam and spam networks on our social media platform. I won't even go into the hacker attacks (i.e. distributed denial-of-service attacks). I must have wasted hundreds of hours doing this.

Anyway, check out Auren's blog post.

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