Thursday, February 28, 2008

TED... "Is Beauty Truth?"

The second session of Day Two is "Is Beauty Truth?"

This session is hosted by June Cohen, TED's Media Director.

She explains that Nancy Etcoff is sick, so was unable to attend and speak.

June poses some central questions...

What do we find beautiful and why?

Use to be assumed that beauty was from cultural learning, but today we find there is some science behind it. I assume this is referring to studies on symmetry and how this crossing cultures.

(commercial break)

Issac Mizrahi is up first. First designer ever invited to speak at TED.

Lot of his design ideas come from mistakes and tricks of the eye. He says interesting ones look like mistakes. He doesn't get inspired by research. He states that he's very lazy about research. He believes creativity should be like a bodily function.

Issac is very inspired by movies, especially the colors in them.

(video plays clips of women from old movies)

Color motivates him a lot. Rarely colors in nature though. Loves tarot card readings. Amusing.

He believes being slightly bored with everything is important for being a fashion designer... or you have to pretend to be slightly bored with everything. (lol)

Not sure if this session really explored the question or even a definition of beauty. It was more of an exploration of Issac's work style and process.


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