Thursday, February 28, 2008

TED... Day One Wrap Up

I didn't cover everything from the first day of TED, but other people did so check them out...

"TED2008: What is our place in the universe?"

"TED2008: Who are we? Answers from Louise Leakey, Wade Davis, Jill Taylor, Stephen Hawking and Chris Jordan"
(interesting that the TED blogger also went to Chris Jordan's site and picked the same pictures to post up:)

"TED Highlights Day One" Microclesia blog

"TED2008: Wade Davis - Cultural destruction or cultural survival?" Ethan Zuckerman's blog

"TED2008: Stephen Hawking answers the big questions"
Ethan Zuckerman's blog

"Ted2008: Debating the Role of the Media"
Ethan Zuckerman's blog
(another excellent overview by zuckerman. also this session wasn't streamed to Aspen and was a special program with BBC)

"TED Flash: Robin Williams to the Rescue" Condé Nast Portfolio blog

"TED@ASPEN 2008 Day 1"
Howard Wright's blog


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