Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Superbowl Thoughts

It's late Monday evening (well, early Tuesday morning) and it's been a hectic day preparing for this week. I'm headed down to Palm Springs for the Clean-Tech Investor Summit (hyphenating "cleantech" doesn't look cool) tomorrow.

I wanted to write a longer blog post on the Superbowl, but here are my quick thoughts:

- I'm not a Patriots fan, but wanted to see perfection.
- Giant's front four should have won the MVP.
- Mercury Morris is annoying in his interviews. He's too hung up on the '72 Dolphins team that isn't in my top ten of the best NFL teams ever.
- Amazed that Eli pulled it off regardless of his lucky throws.
- Tiki Barber must be pissed, and all the Tiki bashing will go on for a while.
- Boston must be a very depressing place right now.
- 1985 Chicago Bears are still the best team ever. Even John Madden said it. Da Bears! Nuff said!

ESPN's Bill Simmons has a good piece on his after game thoughts, "'Free fallin' out into nothing'"

The commercials were decent this year too. Here's one of my favorites...

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