Tuesday, February 5, 2008

"Society for New Communications Research Announces 2008 Fellows"

Congratulations to Adrian Chan! The Society for New Communications Research announced their 2008 Fellows. 11 Fellows and 7 Senior Fellows enjoyed this honor, and Adrian was one of the Senior Fellows.

"The Society for New Communications Research, a global, nonprofit think tank focused on the latest developments in media and communications, today announced its 2008 Fellows. These new Fellows join the Society’s existing group of business leaders, scholars, professional communicators, members of the media, futurists and technologists from around the globe. The Society’s Fellows collaborate on original research and educational programs focused on the advanced study of emerging trends and developments in media and communications, and their effect on business, professional communications, media and society..."

Adrian and I worked closely together at GoingOn for almost two years. My pain was his pain at times :)

Anyway, he is a wellspring of creativity and excellent thinking in the web2.0 space and online human interaction. He blogged about this announcement and his research focus here.

I also know that he's open to speaking with various social networks if you're interested in participating in his possible research project on social analytics. If so, just ping him!

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