Tuesday, September 4, 2007


"Who's afraid of Google?" The Economist

"Want a job at Google? Try these brainteasers first" Business2.0

"The Internet is Dead and Boring" Our favorite NBA owner

"Mark Cuban says "The Internet is dead and boring" What he really meant was..." Microsoft's Don Dodge

"Gregory Coleman Needs To Sit Down" Agency Spy (EVP of Global Sales, Yahoo!)

"Who Founded Facebook? A New Claim Emerges"
NY Times (yawn... not new news and who cares if you indirectly thought of the name)

"LinkedIn vs Facebook (round two)"

"What can the VC community do to help our energy crisis?" VentureBeat

"Journalism is Burning Or How Breaking News is Broken"

"Chinese military hacked into Pentagon"

"Best Cities For Singles"
Excuse me? San Francisco the best city for singles? Something was whacked about this article. An overwhelming complaint that I hear from my single friends is the lack of decent women in the Bay Area, and vice versa from women. So how could Forbes.com get this wrong? Their methodology was off.

It didn't take into account the 3:1 male-female ratio that makes it difficult for men to meet women. It also doesn't take into account that a large percentage of those men are engineers here, so for women that don't want to geek out it's a bit frustrating. Also there is the ugly factor. Even though I'm married, you do notice beauty once in a while and let me just say the Bay Area is probably the ugliness city in the U.S. Finally, Forbes.com took into account the number of active online dating profiles. Did they find out how many of them were men vs. women? Just because you have a bunch of lonely single men walking through a barren desert doesn't increase its standing as a good place for singles.

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