Thursday, August 16, 2007


Dave Sifry stepped down as CEO of Technorati. His blog post here and TechCrunch's post here. John Furrier also steps down as CEO of PodTech, and VentureBeat covers this and Technorati here.

FoundRead's interview of Doyon Kim: "We put 10 questions to serial founder Doyon Kim to learn more about what keeps him going."

"34 More Ways to Build Your Own Social Network"
Mark at TechCrunch covers the rest of the players and our competitors in a good overview.

"VMware IPO: Silicon Valley giant is born" Congrats to my friends there!

"MTV Networks to invest big money in games"

"Bonds' record homer doesn't enhance baseball" Spot on

"Beyond Rove"
by Fred Barnes

"Has Fred Thompson Waited Too Long?"

"The Shape of a Hillary-Rudy Race"

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